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Help Hospital’s third newsletter!

👋 Hello everyone. We hope you and your families are safe and sound. Here is another edition of our Help Hospitals newsletter. Let’s get right to it!

Top Mask & PPE GoFundMe’s!

We have seen some incredible work being done with some of the top masks and PPE GoFundMe’s. Here is a list of some of the more significant fundraisers that have caught our eye lately. It is inspiring to see people working together to raise funds for doctors & nurses!

1. Navajo $1.3M GoFundMe

2. A million masks $600k

3. Dr. Charles $254K

6. Team Wharton. $139k

4. SONIEL $124k

5. GetPPE $86k

Guide to Mask Testing!

This is an Individual Smell Fit test (Qualitative Fit Testing) where the individual- with the help of a test administrator- tries to see if the mask properly works and prevents the noxious smell from reaching the wearer.

Mask testing is essential to make sure that the masks are authentic and provide a proper filter. Without a real, genuine N95 mask, the hospital staff is left exposed to Covid-19. Recently, we have seen way too many examples of fake masks come over from China. That’s no good. In order to decipher the reals from the fakes, there have been a couple of testing techniques put in place, which we will cover below.

The protective gear such as the N95 mask must go through a laboratory performance evaluation- or what we call fit testing. According to 3M, one of the leading providers of our healthcare protective gear, they are conducting two types of tests: Individual Smell Testing & Instrument testing.  

  • Individual Smell Testing (Qualitative Fit Testing QLFT) - is a kind of test that relies on the user’s sense of smell to determine whether there is any leak in the seal of the mask around the tester’s face. You can see a picture of it in action above. And here is a video of it in action. There are procedures in place that include testing at a sensitivity level that establishes if the tester would be able to sense the presence of foreign agents by taste, smell, or cough while wearing the mask. If any of these agents can be detected while wearing the mask, it must be changed or adjusted to provide a secure fit.

  • Instrument Testing (Quantitative Fit Testing QNFT) involves using an instrument to measure the leakage around the face seal. This method is used most commonly to test full-face respirators and masks, but it can be used to test any tight-fitting mask. In order to pass a QNFT, no taste or smell should be detected by the wearer.

Fit test companies you could possibly use:

  • Concentra

    • Concentra provides both qualitative and quantitative fit tests, along with a respirator consultation to make sure you and your employees are properly protected. While Concentra’s headquarters is in Texas, they serve 44 different states- including the San Francisco Bay area. Corporate headquarters: 

      • 5080 Spectrum Dr, Suite 1200W, Addison, TX 75001

  • Mobile Health

    • Mobile Health provides mask fit testing options that are mandated by OSHA: qualitative test, pulmonary function test, and respiratory hazards test. These tests make sure the mask filters scents properly, fits the face of each employee, and tests the environment for different hazards. Mobile Health serves areas all across New York. Corporate Headquarters:

      • 229 West 36th St, New York, New York 10018

  • 4C Air

    • 4C Air provides testing of mask filtration efficiency. They do not offer mask fit tests, but rather filter quality tests. They currently use industry-standard TSI 8130A for testing of all masks, including the N95. 4C Air serves the area of Sunnyvale, California. Corporate Headquarters:

      • 1147 Tasman Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

  • Donna Elliot

    • Donna provides mask fit testing in NYC for hospitals and companies. She can be reached at or by phone at 631-484-5529.

Mask Twitter list!

We are starting a Twitter list for mask teams. Feel free to subscribe to stay up to date! You can scroll through all of the latest updates.


Good News & Updates

We all need more positive, good news in our lives. Take a peek at these quick uplifting stories- proof that good things around the world are happening.


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Getting Masks to Doctors & Nurses

Help Hospital’s second newsletter!

👋 Hello friends! Welcome to the second edition of Help Hospital’s newsletter!

Our newsletter focuses on helping nurses & doctors. We do this by closely researching, studying and reporting on the mask industry. We keep a close eye on the industry news, videos, tweets etc. This is a very unique period in our lifetimes and we can all step up to help others. As members of the Help Hospitals community, we are here to pitch in. 

The Help Hospital’s community continues to grow. We are launching a new website, working with our main community team of over 150 members, doctor, nurses, marketers and people in tech.  We have a very active Help Hospitals Discord with over 1,100 members. 

📕 Writing a Comprehensive Mask Source Guide!

Help Hospitals is beginning to build a comprehensive sourcing guide!  This guide has many great sources for masks & PPE and is available for free to all doctors, nurses or hospitals.  Send us a tweet if you would like more information and access.

📦 Shipping updates from China

We have heard lately of a lot of challenges and bottlenecks in China.  Here is one of the updates from Morgan about her experiences living in China and facing some of the shipping challenges there.

📺 Video

What face masks actually do against coronavirus - an informative video that shows how masks actually work.  Worth the watch.

Spot the Scammer

In this section we will keep an eye out on some of the scams and fraud happening in the mask & PPE industry.

More Covid-19 News

  • Why we should wear a mask - Lays out the differences between wearing a mask to protect the wearer from getting infected vs being worn to protect others.

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👋 Hello World!  We are a New Non-Profit that Strives to Help Nurses & Doctors.

Nice to meet you!  We are, a new non-profit whose mission is to help and support nurses & doctors treating patients on the front-lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are currently working on a newsletter series whose focus is to help nurses & doctors keep up to date on the availability of personal protective gear (PPE). We do this by closely researching, studying and reporting on the mask industry.  We keep a close eye on the industry news, videos, tweets and more. This is a unique period in our lifetimes, and this is part of our effort to  step up to help others. 

A few of the many topics that we will be covering in this newsletter.

  • Overview on the mask & PPE industry

  • Comprehensive mask sourcing guide

  • Collaboration with other teams

  • What face masks actually do against coronavirus?

  • Stories of scammers and how to spot them

  • Encouraging & positive news during Covid-19

During this unprecedented time, our founding team wanted to pitch in and help out anyway we can.  More than a charity, we are building to be a community of charitable people with shared goals. Not only do we aim to help the doctors & nurses who are risking their lives, we intend to share the work and create one of the friendliest non-profit atmospheres on the internet.

We are just getting started, and we can’t do it without you! As of now, our active community team is over 150 people and there are over 1,100 more supporters and influencers in our Discord community. However, we are not stopping here! Our community of volunteers and influencers grows every day.

Thank you everyone for all your support as we continue in our efforts to help doctors and nurses during this crisis. We hope you stay tuned for the upcoming editions of this newsletter and we can’t wait to see you at!

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